Women’s Eyewear Trend 2023

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Women's Eyewear Trend 2023 | There is no better way to show off your look, personality and style than with a trendy pair of sunglasses. There are numerous uniquely and attractively designed sunglasses and eyeglasses frames on the market. In addition, today there are a plethora of accessories available in different shapes and many shades, so finding your new pair of glasses will not be a difficult task. For this reason, we decided to show you what are the most fashionable women's eyewear trends 2023 for this year, which are perfect to wear both during the summer season and beyond.

We have decided to show you through this guide the most trending eyewear of 2023, that is, based on the evaluation of fashion magazines, the participation of the most important and internationally known fashion shows and the trends present in the cities, we will talk in particular about the 5 best news items that relate in detail to the sunglasses most appreciated by women in 2023.

Summer 2023 - Trendy fashion sunglasses

During spring-summer, the 2023 women's eyewear trend saw the most appreciated and requested sunglasses on the market in statement models. Between rectangular-shaped models, goggle glasses, and fluorescent shades, what matters in these seasons in particular is that the more innovative and extravagant the model, the more unique and fashionable the look will be.

Let's take a closer look together at what are the trendy sunglasses of 2022.

Rectangular Shaped Sunglasses 2023 - For an energetic look

Let's start with rectangular sunglasses, this model in particular turns out to be a perfect accessory to those with round or oval shaped faces, as the more refined and subtle shades are elongated by the angular edges of the frames. Therefore, whether used at a helmet or mullet, the more delicate styles will simply match your look. In detail, rectangular sunglasses are an undisputed trend this year.

It is a popular and famous pattern that in 2021 were the most worn by women, and even in 2022 they are still among the most chosen.

This season's rectangular sunglasses are larger and in most cases feature thicker, synthetic frames to allow for superior eye protection as well as high incisiveness.

Sunglasses 2023 - Fluorescent colors for a revolutionary and trendy style

A new feature of this year's 2023 women's eyewear is fluorescent lenses, with sunglasses with pink, yellow or orange lenses in particular proving to be trendy. Shiny neon shades are about today's trend reminiscent of the style of sunglasses used in the 1990s.

Are you wondering if neon sunglasses are right for you and your personality? Especially in summer, these accessories give the wearer a unique and flawless look. In detail if you have a summer tan on your face, choosing to use a pair of fluorescent sunglasses will be a correct choice, as it will highlight your skin color.

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Women's eyewear trend 2023 - white sunglasses

In case fluorescent or neon sunglasses do not reflect your look, then you have the option to consider white-rimmed sunglasses, as they are definitely delicate, refined and trendy.

With a large plastic frame and an old-fashioned style, the 2023 women's sunglasses in white are an ideal choice for many factors including this year's clothing.

The color white particularly stands out when used on tanned, sun-kissed skin. Specifically, this light shade tends to enhance the tan taken at the beach. To elevate the contrast, it is recommended to choose and wear clothes and garments in black and muted colors.

2023 Metal Sunglasses - Why Choose Them?

The 2023 sunglasses with metal frame are considered timeless models, as they are always in step with the fashion and trends of each year.

Furthermore, it is important to know that frames made of metal equipped with moderate and discreet colored lenses represent a perfect choice, since they will undoubtedly make an impression both in this summer 2023 and in the other seasons.

Women's metal-framed sunglasses for both the teardrop model for the classic version and the square model are both perfect to match in any style.

Single-lens or goggle sunglasses

After many years, goggle sunglasses are back in fashion, as they feature an innovative and futuristic design. Many people think that they are models with lenses that are too exaggerated or are suitable for certain faces. In fact, none of this is true, as these frames are perfect to all face shapes, all you have to do is wear them confidently and proudly, as through this pair of glasses you will be fashionable for this 2023 season and maybe even for the next few years.

Finally, it is good to know that the 2023 women's eyewear trend sees goggles as an excellent way to defend the eyesight and eyes from harmful and dangerous UV rays.

Once you have had your eye exam, you can choose the best model of sunglasses. The optician will advise you on the ideal type of frames according to your requirements and needs. An infinite number of sunglasses and eyeglasses are available on the website to allow you to wear the perfect accessory both for the 2023 season and for the following years. To make an appointment at the physical stores, simply go to the nearest center in order to undergo an eye examination.

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