Men’s Eyewear Trend 2023


Men's Eyewear Trend 2023 | A warm summer evening or a candlelit dinner by the fireplace? Watching the setting sun with graduated sunglasses. The horizon changing color, aiming straight at a woman's eyes as if the glasses were not there at all...
Anything is possible. Glasses lend a touch of charm and bring a picnic of magic to the wearer's life. As magical as it is ultra trendy! So, are you ready?

Men's eyewear trend 2023: how to choose the eyeglass frame

Whatever their use, daily, occasional, vacation, beach, sports activity, a pair of prescription, progressive or sunglasses should sublimate your face. Don't hide behind your glasses-the frame should, on the contrary, highlight your eyes.

Shapes, colors, materials and creativity of eyewear designers and trendsetters perfect each model of prescription eyewear or sunglasses to make it a true fashion accessory in the service of the look you want to maintain.

The general rules

Not all prescription frames are suitable for all faces, and the first step before finalizing your choice is to try different models. Today this test is also possible online. thanks to fitting tools and advice from opticians. It's as simple as in the store, and you can try on any pair that appeals to you, confirming that the color of the electronic model matches that of your eyes or hair, that they look good on your nose, etc. If your choice is final, you will find that these glasses enhance your style and accentuate your personality. Be careful, however, check that the eyeglass frame you have chosen can support the type of lens according to your vision correction, especially in the case of progressive lenses .

The second rule to follow is the position of the eyebrows in relation to the top of the glasses. The eyebrows should, in fact, remain on the outside of the frame, unless the frame follows their line perfectly, without erasing them completely.

man sunglasses

How to choose the frame

The shape of the face is an essential parameter in choosing an eyeglass frame.

Create a shortlist by following these suggestions:

    • 1. The shape of the frame must be opposite to the general shape of your face. So if your face is round, opt for frames with marked angles, rectangular or square. Conversely, if your face is angular, prefer frames with harmonious rounding. If, on the other hand, you have an oval face, you can freely choose any shape because, in principle, all models of glasses are suitable for you
    • 2. Prioritize comfort : the frame should not be in contact with the cheekbones or temples while being as close to the face as possible. Therefore, the width of the frame should be at least the same as the width of your face (up to the temples). The bridge should be placed directly above the nose, and the stems should not hurt behind the ears
    • 3. Pay attention to the material both to avoid allergies and for the strength of the glasses (this rule applies especially in case you have to buy children's glasses)
    • 4. Choose according to the color of your eyes: if they are light, you should opt for a frame with warm colors. Dark frames, on the other hand, are suitable for brown-skinned faces, while light skins match well with bright colors rather than pastels

The shape of the face

Here is a review of recommended mounts. And what type are you?

Round faces: narrow frames with marked angles elongate the face, if the bridge is a light shade it widens the eyes.

Oval faces with refined features: all frame styles are for you as long as they show part of your personality. A colorful frame with an original shape reveals an expressive and open temperament, small round glasses give an intellectual appeal to the wearer, and aviators appeal to modern adventurers.

Square faces: to soften the corners of the face, rounded or oval shapes are ideal

Elongated or rectangular faces: an oval frame is perfect for an enlarged effect. When the nose and face are very thin, the frame should not be too thick, even if the shape retains some originality.

Men's eyewear trend 2023: 4 proposals

And here are what are the trendiest proposals of the year. Are you ready? So let's give it a try!

Square retro
Much more than a means of affirmation for fashionistas, these large-format retro glasses are very trendy versatile models-the avant-garde in its purest form. XXL frames to radiate their playful, vintage side or modern masculine appeal. The ideal choice, then, to express one's style or simply to dare more. Absolutely extravagant.

Expressive turtle
Do you want to be dynamic? Tortoiseshell is your ideal of frames, because newly designed tortoiseshells bring both momentum to your style and a dose of sophistication. Shimmering motifs and marked frames: extravagant pieces that will catch the eye. To always be the center of attention.

Black frame
The elegant design of these ultra-thin frames draws on the resources of fashion and ready-to-wear. Elegant metallic lines that promise impeccable style and elegance, shaded by black. They are no-frills radiant models, ideal for minds eager for experience. Pure marvel of style. Impossible not to fall in love with it

Shades of Champagne
Champagne tones are the solution for those seeking discretion. Anything but invisible, they are true fashionable garments that draw attention to the face. These are clear acetate frames that enhance tanned skin and are an accessory of extreme elegance without being eccentric.

Men's eyewear trend 2023: get help from an optician

Can't choose? Ok Vista opticians are here to help you. Book an appointment online at the store nearest you or chat with our experts for valuable advice. If you prefer, start by browsing our online store where you can find eyeglass frames, fashionable frames for sunglasses and progressive glasses. Ok vista also has a wide selection of contact lenses and toric astigmatism lenses.

Women's eyewear trends and men's eyewear trends are just one click away.

The trained staff at Ok vista can help you understand which frame is right for your needs, based on materials, shape and colors.

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