How progressive glasses work

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How Progressive Glasses Work > Our eyes are subjected to a great deal of stimulation on a daily basis and face situations that require them to perform at a high level. That is why today more than ever it is essential to be able to enjoy good vision-it is the modern age, with its lifestyle, that demands it of us. But achieving this goal can become complicated when you suffer from multiple vision problems at the same time. In such cases we are faced with two possible solutions: to equip oneself with a pair of glasses for each need (e.g., a reading pair to correct myopia, to be alternated with another one specifically for presbyopia that has arisen with advancing age), or to resort to glasses that mount progressive lenses. These are state-of-the-art glasses that are tailored to allow perfect vision depending on the situation, so that the wearer can counter all his or her vision problems with one device. This is made possible by the typical lens structure, which is divided into three areas that have different gradations, and are also called multifocals.

Specifically, to understand how progressive eyeglasses work, we need to look at the lenses: the part located at the top of the lens, is devoted to improving distance vision, while to see closer objects more clearly, it will be sufficient to lower the gaze, as after all we would do quite naturally. In practice, these lenses prove to be particularly useful and comfortable for both reading and work that is performed at intermediate distances, being able to compensate for different types of deficits, from nearsightedness to farsightedness, from presbyopia to astigmatism. Therefore, they are perfect for meeting the different needs that an individual person may have. Indeed, consider that beyond a certain threshold, which is around middle adulthood, many people are affected by presbyopia. In some cases this is in addition to pre-existing vision disorders that developed at a young age, such as myopia and astigmatism. Let's imagine how a person with more than one of these problems could manage in daily life: he would have to constantly change the glasses he wears. Progressive lenses allow precisely this problem to be remedied, and below we will look in detail at how they work.

Glasses with progressive lenses: what they are

As we mentioned, glasses with progressive lenses, or multifocals, are a particular type of eyewear that is an innovative solution for correcting multiple vision defects at the same time, so that the person can enjoy perfect vision at whatever distance he or she is. A clarification should also be made about the difference with bifocal lenses. The latter were widely used until a few years ago, and are used to counter presbyopia, but they do not have an area designated for intermediate vision, which is why the space between the two focuses for presbyopia creates a gap that can be uncomfortable for some people. This is not the case with multifocal lenses.

Progressive lenses: pros and cons

Let us now take a detailed look at the reasons why buying a pair of glasses with progressive lenses is a good solution, and also the elements against such a choice. Analyzing the aesthetic aspect as the first aspect, there are no substantial differences from a pair of regular glasses (unlike bifocals, which instead have two rather obvious windows). Then you can choose the frame according to your preferences, following the new trends of women's or men's eyewear. In addition, visual comfort is definitely improved, since it will be possible to look at different distances with one device that can focus everything.

However, in the face of this we must also keep in mind some shortcomings of this type of glasses. First of all, adaptation to their use is not immediate, which is why it takes some people days or even whole weeks before they get used to their new lenses. But then how do progressive glasses work ? Sometimes some unpleasant side effects, such as headaches or dizziness, also occur. Therefore, during the first period, it will be necessary to accompany the gaze shift by also moving the head, so as to make the best use of the different areas of vision. Finally, multifocal lenses have a higher cost than monofocal lenses, although they obviously save on the cost of a second frame. One can then go to a specialized OkVista store and choose a single model of eyewear that will follow the wearer throughout the nth day. Just one click on the online platform to book an appointment!

How progressive glasses work

Let us now go into more detail by explaining more closely how multifocal lenses work. As we mentioned earlier, a single lens of this type is divided into different areas devoted to different functions. The upper part is for viewing from a distance, so it is used when driving, attending a show or watching TV. The middle part is the part that allows transition from one area to another without creating a sense of imbalance, and it adjusts for viewing from an intermediate distance so that all objects appear sharp. Moving downward, we find the lower area that is used for close viewing, which is then used for reading, writing, using electronic devices, sewing, or doing household chores. Finally, the peripheral areas, located at the left and right ends, remain free, without being charged with supporting any kind of vision, so much so that in many models they are not even perceived.

Glasses with progressive lenses: some tips

As we mentioned earlier, how do progressive glasses work ? it should not be assumed that the transition to progressive lens spectacles occurs immediately: a preliminary period is needed in which the person has time to adapt and can learn to use them to their fullest functionality. Initially it is normal to feel bewildered. For this reason, it is recommended to start with small, undemanding activities and then increase use day by day.

This is a delicate step, for which it is best to rely on experts. In this regard, it is possible to book directly on the OkVista platform, a true benchmark for eye care, to get an appointment at one of the stores for a eye examination or for buy their own progressive lenses, whether eyeglasses, sunglasses or contact lenses. Our experts will help the client manage this delicate phase, providing all the advice needed to quickly get used to the new glasses and get back to enjoying perfect vision.

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